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"I have worked with Xensys since 1999 on several projects. They are an absolute professional company, adept in their technical skills and experience. Xensys not only has strong technical capabilities as a company, but they also have strong business and industry experience. It was a pleasure working with Xensys consultants and I would highly recommend them for their skills and qualities as professionals."
Jeff Kuckenbaker Project Manager, BDHHI Group, Anaheim, CA


"I brought on Xensys in 2006 and they are the utmost professionals. Their consultants' ability to diagnose a situation to ensure that projects are staying on course is second to none. Xensys is extremely dedicated and the quality of their work is impeccable. I would definitely hire them again once this project is complete."
Charles Grau Director of IT, HEICO Aerospace, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"Fred Hill, principal consultant at Xensys Corporation, did a great job while working for Precision Strip as a contractor to BravePoint. He was very thorough and detail oriented. In the face of a crisis, Fred was unruffled. We appreciate the efforts that he put forward in making our Progress software application what it is today."
Karen Kauffman IT Manager, Precision Strip Inc., Minster, OH

Five Stars

"As a contractor to Allegro, Fred Hill of Xensys Corporation consistently exceeded our expectations in delivering our programming changes on time and accurately. Over the past 10 years we have used several firms to help with code changes to our custom Progress QAD MfgPro DB application; Fred was the only one I would give a 5 star recommendation. Fred thought outside the box and asked the right questions to probe other areas that may be impacted by our change requests. Fred demonstrates the high technical expertise that Xensys and their consultants are very personable to work with."
Joanne Zehner Business Analyst, Cargill Incorporated, Frost Proof, FL


"I had the pleasure of working with Fred for many years as a Progress professional. During this time, Fred showed exceptional work ethic, met deadlines and contributed to numerous successful projects. Fred communicates well, is a team player and has deep knowledge of all aspects of the software development life cycle. He is able to handle shifting priorities, give focused attention to tough problems and manage technical challenges with ease. I highly recommend Fred and consider him an asset to any organization."
Swanand Satish Panditt , Enterprise Solutions Leader, GAF Materials Corp., Parsippany, NJ

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